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Welcome to Fair Acres

Fair Acres has been providing quality care to the residents of Delaware County for over 200 years. As the largest skilled nursing facility in Delaware County, we are owned and operated by the County of Delaware. Fair Acres is proud to offer our residents long term care, short term rehabilitation, respite care and hospice services. We are members of the Pennsylvania Association of County Affiliated Homes and we are proud to serve as a geriatric training site for local colleges, universities and nursing schools.

We are conveniently located in Lima, PA on a 210-acre campus. We are able to meet our residents care needs in five (5) different resident buildings. We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to provide care for over 700 residents. Fair Acres employs a large and well-trained team of physicians, nurses and therapists who together are committed to providing the care and services needed to meet the individual residents physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

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Quick facts about Fair Acres

A Brief History

A county home was established in Media, Pennsylvania in 1807, where it remained until 1857. It then moved to its present location in Lima on the 210 acre Abraham Pennell Farm on Middletown Road. The farm was called “Fair Acres”, and as a county facility it retained this name.

During the early years in Lima, the County facility often cared for entire families as well as individuals in a self-contained environment. A part of this facility was the operation of a farm used for the production of food items for people within the facility. The farming operation was discontinued in 1967 when the facility underwent a transition from a partially residential community to a health care facility and directed its emphasis to elderly residents of Delaware County who required medical and nursing care. With this change, “farm” was dropped from the name, and in 1978 the institution became the Fair Acres Geriatric Center. Today we are continue to be owned and operated by the County of Delaware and we specialize in providing 24-hour individualized care to over 900 residents who range in age from young adult to seniors.

Message from County Council

Delaware County Council is proud and grateful that we can provide quality, compassionate care for residents at Fair Acres, Delaware County’s skilled care facility in Middletown.

Fair Acres is a county landmark that dates back to 1807 when an “almshouse” was opened in Media. In 1857, the County purchased the Pennell farm, which is now the site of the Fair Acres complex. Today, there are 19 buildings on the site, and round-the-clock care is provided for 900 residents, making Fair Acres one of the largest skilled care facilities in the Commonwealth.

For over 200 years, the most vulnerable residents of Delaware County have been able to call Fair Acres “home,” and to get the care they need when they are no longer able to live on their own. There are residents of all ages at Fair Acres, including seniors as well as younger adults who have suffered a chronic illness or traumatic injury who need skilled nursing care.

The mission of Fair Acres is to enhance the quality of life for residents by providing professional care in a nurturing, homelike environment. On County Council, we continually hear from families who are pleased, and relieved, by the dedication of the staff and the quality of care their loved one gets at Fair Acres.

Delaware County Council is committed to providing excellent care for our residents, and to improving that care as new advances are made in medical treatment, technology and therapeutic services. We are dedicated to ensuring that Fair Acres ranks among the finest in skilled nursing facilities across the Commonwealth, and the nation.

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Dr. Monica Taylor, Chair

Elaine Paul Schaefer, Vice Chair

Kevin M. Madden

Christine A. Reuther

Richard R. Womack, Jr.

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