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Maximizing Independence & Enhancing Quality of Life

Over 25 skilled rehabilitation professionals provide Physical, Occupational and Speech services here at Fair Acres. The Rehabilitation Department consistently strives to meet the individual needs of every resident. At Fair Acres, we offer not only short-term rehabilitation services to patients who wish to return home, but also provide rehabilitation services to our long-term residents, returning from the hospital, right here in their home.

The cutting-edge rehabilitation equipment, coupled with our hands-on individualized approach, allows us to provide comprehensive care for our diverse population despite their many complex medical issues.

Our main goals in rehab are to reduce the risk of falls and injury and to also maximize the quality of life and independence for every resident here at Fair Acres. Whether your loved one has received a total joint replacement, experienced a fall, has arthritis, dementia or any other issue, our experienced and caring physical, occupational and speech therapists are able to effectively meet their needs.

Upon discharge from therapy, Fair Acres provides one of the most extensive Restorative Nursing Programs in the area to help your loved one maintain all of the progress and independence that was achieved during their rehab.

We look forward to having the opportunity to meet and care for your loved one.

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