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Social Services

Ensuring the well-being of our residents

The primary mission of the Social Services Department is to ensure the emotional and psychosocial well being of Fair Acres’ residents. Social Services supports the delivery of quality care, is committed to promoting independence, and to protecting residents’ inalienable rights, their dignity and right to self-determination.

When a resident is being admitted to Fair Acres, Social Services will meet with the resident and family member and help ease the adjustment to long-term care. Social Service Staff learns more about the resident by completing a Social History Report, which includes such things as work history, past and present activities of interest, family history, and resident and family’s feelings about placement. They will also discuss Advance Directives as appropriate.

Social Services is part of an interdisciplinary team that develops goals and a plan of treatment for each resident. Social Services encourages families to be part of the care planning process, to help provide a more complete picture of the emotional environment of the resident, and to ensure all needs are being met.
Whenever there is something on your mind or you don’t know where to go with a situation, Social Services is the place to start. You may need a listening ear, or someone to validate your feelings and provide support. Social Services wants to make a difference and they are here to serve you.

Social Services is located in the Administration Building #18 and is open from 8:00am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Also located in Social Services is an onsite Spiritual Coordinator/Chaplain who orchestrates and oversees a full schedule of religious services and is available for personal counseling. Please see a separate summary of services for Spiritual Care on this website.

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